The mission of the Appalachian Wildlife Research Institute is to conduct and present conservation research on threatened wildlife in Ohio, and to provide education and conservation recommendations for both public and private land owners.

AWRI was formed to enable research on imperiled wildlife species. We are dedicated to directly addressing reasons for species declines with the overarching purpose of determining the mechanism of the decline and developing potential methods to reverse it. We also seek to accumulate knowledge regarding the biodiversity of the Appalachian region, which includes species distribution and abundance, and the composition, structure, and function of wildlife communities. The interaction of species and the functioning of wildlife communities in today’s changing habitats (e.g., land use, climate change) are potential reasons why some species flourish, whereas others decline. As an integral part of AWRI’s mission, we are also dedicated to public outreach and education, to enable a citizen-based approach to wildlife conservation.


If you're interested in Ohio's carnivores and would like a presentation by Dr. Prange for your conservation club, business conference (yes...a little change of pace for your attendees), or eco-action group, send us an email and we'll see what we can do!

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P.O. Box 396 Athens, Ohio  45701